Eddycrest Co. is a family company established in 2008. It came from a passion for woodworking coupled with the need to create high quality and fun pieces of furniture to fit our lifestyle. The introduction of sustainable manufacturing processes has provided us with the outlet to build consistency and accuracy allowing Eddycrest Co. to continuously grow at our shop located on the Eddy family farm in Woodstock, On Canada.

Our Crokinole story began with our family. Growing up we would often play Crokinole with our great Grandma right into her late 90's, it quickly became a family tradition. It was a natural fit when we began developing and tweaking the board game to make it even greater! After a few iterations we landed on a design that now includes detailed engraving, integration of Crokinole chip storage and scoreboards which give a fit and finish well deserved for this great Canadian game. Just like that in the Fall of 2009 the Eddycrest Crokinole board is born, designed to travel with you from the city to the country side.

In the Summer of 2016, we embarked on developing a new line of products staying true to our staple material, wood, and expanding into stone and leather. Working closely with designers and manufacturers we are excited to expand our catalog with care and precision to bring you our lifestyle brand inspired by the woods, life in the country and our Canadian roots. This is Eddycrest Co.