We believe in creating a long-lasting relationship with our customers. If at any time you need more information about our products, or would like to inquire about our custom Crokinole boards, if you need us for any reason, just give us a shout: 519.788.1736, or email us. In the meantime here is a list of questions we are frequently asked, with some helpful answers.

Where can I buy Eddycrest Co.? You can buy our products on this site. We offer our products online and strive to maintain this site up to date to bring you the latest products we have to offer.

Do you have a brick and mortar? We have the Eddycrest Co. shop which is where our products are made. The shop is open to the public by appointment so if you want to visit just let us know to make sure someone can be there to meet you.

What is your relation to Eddycrest Furniture? Eddycrest Furniture is where it all started, it is our parent company and we are joined at the hip.

Do you wholesale? We are open to the idea with the right partners.

Where did the Eddycrest Co. name came from? Eddycrest Co. is a family company and Eddy is our last name. In creating the name for our business we wanted it to represent the importance of family and the history that ours has carved here in Canada.

Who is the guy in your logo? That is good old uncle Eddy. The Eddy family moved to North America from Europe when three of the Eddy brothers made the trip in the 1800’s. The guy in our logo is one of the original settlers and he is represented in our family coat of arms.

Do you ship internationally? We shipped just about everywhere with a valid mailing address. Please note that any taxes, duties, or fees incurred are the responsibility of the recipient. For more information take a look at our shipping info.

Can I pick up my purchase? Absolutely, we strongly encourage it since you can forgo the shipping charges just order at check out with the "Pick-up" option and we can get a hold of you to arrange a time once your products are done. 

How do I return an item? We get it sometimes you change your mind. Eddycrest Co accepts exchanges on products within 15 days of ship date. We also offer returns in case you received a damaged item. There are no returns or exchanges on custom work. Take a look closer look at our return info.